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Reviews for top Texas retail energy providers

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The Choose Energy Team
By The Choose Energy Team September 16th, 2019
4 min read
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Evaluating some of the best Texas retail energy providers

Even veterans of the Texas deregulated electricity system can have trouble wading through the dozens of suppliers in the marketplace to find the best retail energy providers. With so many options, it can be difficult to review each to find REPs that are trustworthy, affordable and have the features shoppers want.

That’s where Choose Energy® can help. We compiled an extensive list of information on every competitive provider featured in our marketplace – from home-services offerings and loyalty programs to 24-hour customer service and smartphone apps – to develop reviews to help you choose the best provider for your budget and needs. Following are providers, their scores – represented as a number of stars out of a maximum of five, and brief evaluations of each.

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4Change Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.25/5.0

Texas-based 4Change Energy donates 4 percent of its yearly profits to local charities, including the American Cancer Society and Feeding Texas. 4Change Energy offers several fixed-rate electricity plans and has eco-friendly options sourced from 100 percent Texas wind.

Champion Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.25/5.0

With more than 2 million customers across the country, Champion Energy Services aims to provide Texans with affordable energy options. Customers can track their usage with weekly energy reports and have access to toll-free customer service 24/7

Cirro Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.0/5.0

Cirro Energy is a Texas REP that specializes in affordable fixed-rate electricity plans. Cirro Energy customers also can benefit from the provider’s range of home protection plans and Visa gift cards ranging from $100 to $500 for referrals.

Direct Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.1/5.0

Direct Energy is one of the largest competitive suppliers in the U.S. with more than 4 million residential and business customers. Based in Houston, Direct Energy strives to give Texans the necessary tools to make educated choices for their energy needs.

Discount Power

Choose Energy® Score: 3.7/5.0

Discount Power, formerly known as Pennywise Power, is a back-to-basics REP that emphasizes low electricity rates without the “unnecessary extras.” Texans who choose Discount Power can be assured that their money is going toward dependable electricity with high-quality customer service.

First Choice Power

Choose Energy® Score: 4.3/5.0

Founded and based in Houston, First Choice Power exclusively serves the Texas deregulated electricity community. Customers can take advantage of First Choice Power’s zero-deposit electricity plans and monitor their monthly energy usage, all through the online account management system.

Green Mountain Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.3/5.0

As the only 100 percent renewably sourced supplier on our list, Green Mountain Energy is the perfect provider for eco-conscious Texans. Green Mountain offers pollution-free plans sourced from wind or solar energy, as well as a residential solar installation program to help customers make the most of their home PVs.

Just Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.1/5.0

About 1.5 million energy customers have chosen Just Energy as their competitive provider. Just Energy offers a number of affordable plan options in the Choose Energy marketplace, including green energy sourcing through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits, known as RECs.

Reliant Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.7/5.0

With smart home technology discounts, a referral program and home-services offerings, it’s no surprise that more than 1 million Texans choose Reliant Energy as their retail energy provider. Reliant Energy also provides 24/7 live customer service.

TriEagle Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.4/5.0

TriEagle Energy, now backed by Vistra Energy, is a top competitive provider in the Lone Star State. A great choice for those concerned with their energy consumption, TriEagle Energy offers customers a monthly efficiency scorecard, in addition to customized usage tips for their homes.

TXU Energy

Choose Energy® Score: 4.9/5.0

As one of the first retail providers to enter Texas deregulated energy market, TXU Energy has served the Lone Star State since 2002.  In addition to providing its 20,000 customers with reliable electricity, TXU Energy offers renewable energy options, home protection plans, free nights and weekends energy plans and a wealth of information about the Texas deregulated energy system.

-No complaint score for July 2019

*All REPs have:

Online Bill Pay
Auto-Bill Pay
Contract Alerts

Our scoring model

Choose Energy collected the following information for each provider and awarded weighted points in each category, with the highest collective point total set at 14. The scores represent percentage levels achieved out of 14.

# Complaint score (sourced from, July, with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst)

To determine how informative and helpful a provider’s website is, we asked a group of energy experts for the top 5 questions asked by customers, each worth 0.2 points if the answer could be found in the Frequently Asked Questions on a supplier’s website. Those questions are as follows:

  1. Will I have to pay a deposit?
  2. How soon can I start my service?
  3. What happens if I move before my contract is up?
  4. Will I have to pay if I cancel my service before my contract ends?
  5. What happens when my contract runs out?

Each provider’s percentage score was then calculated to create the list.

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