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Current Price to Compare PA Rates

Utility Company Price per kwh
Duquesne Light Co. 7.770¢ / kwh
Met-Ed 8.301¢ / kwh
PECO 8.354¢ / kwh
Pike County Light & Power 8.675¢ / kwh
PPL Electric Utilities 7.918¢ / kwh
West Penn Power 7.010¢ / kwh

Why choose electricity from a new supplier?

Take a look at your latest electricity bill and you’ll see that it is made up of two main parts: distribution or delivery charges, and supply charges. Your local utility is in charge of delivering your electricity through the power lines into your home; these are the distribution or delivery charges. You generally have little control over this part of your bill, however, you do have control over the supply portion of your electricity bill. This charge is usually shown as the price per kilowatt-hour and you have many options to choose from other than the default rate from your utility.

Since 2000, all consumers in Pennsylvania, from large commercial businesses to homes like yours, have the ability to shop around for their electricity. More than 2.1 million households and over 250,000 businesses in Pennsylvania have shopped around for their electricity supplier, taking advantage of energy choice.

Comparing energy suppliers allows you to lower your monthly bill, lock in a fixed rate, or find a renewable green energy plan such as wind or solar. It is entirely up to you to decide what the most important factor is when choosing a supplier.

Once you select a new supplier on Choose Energy your utility company will be notified and will reach out to you to verify your new energy provider. Your utility company will not change, only the company providing the electricity or natural gas will change. The effective date of your choice depends on your next meter read date and can take 11 to 40 days to switch suppliers. Regardless of who generates your electricity, you will continue to call your electric utility for outages, emergency services and questions about your electricity service. The quality, reliability, and maintenance of your electric service should not change as it is still monitored by the PUC.


How is Choose Energy Different from PA Power Switch?

Choose Energy also enables you to compare electricity plans, but our easy-to use online marketplace offers additional benefits.

  • Compare and shop all in one place: With, you can compare plans, see actual rates in real time and make the switch all in one place. With PA Power Switch, you can also compare plans, and then be directed to the supplier site
  • Find the option that fits your lifestyle: Whether it’s saving money, or going green with renewable energy, we make it easy to sort through your options.
  • Shop only the best plans: There could be hundreds of plans available to you, but how do you know if the rate displayed isn’t just a teaser rate or that it’s worked for your neighbors? We don’t show you discounted teaser rates and we give our customers the opportunity to rate their experiences with suppliers, so you can shop smart.
  • Find unique rates you can’t find anywhere else: We can negotiate special rates for you because of our strong relationships with the best suppliers in your area.
  • Get the support you need: We’ll provide ongoing support throughout your plan and even notify you when your plan is about to expire so you can avoid price increases and shop again.

PA customers that have already switched

I Will save a lot and it feels good to be helping the environment!

David, Loganton, PA

Being a newly-wed and a first time home owner, my husband are looking to cut costs anywhere we can without cutting quality. Being able to save an extra almost $70.00/month is really going to help us adjust to our new life style and also help us save money to be able to start our family! Thank you!!

Courtney, Elizabethtown, PA

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