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About Source Power and Gas

Source Power & Gas LLC (“Source”) is a Texas-based retail energy provider focused on building customer relationships throughout Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey.  We pride ourselves in providing competitive rates and are focused on creating, finding and delivering the best value to our customers. Source is uniquely positioned to provide energy to all types of commercial consumers throughout Texas and the Northeast, from small commercial customers to the largest industrial consumers. We have the experienced team, unique positioning and the financial backing to perfectly meet your energy needs.

Source has become one of the most sought after retailers in the industry due to its high national ranking in three key categories:  Ease of Doing Business; Overall Satisfaction; and Price Competitiveness. These rankings are due to our team’s past industry experience and absolute commitment to making Source the energy company of the future.

We are not tied to or influenced by other conflicting businesses such as wires and poles companies or generation companies like many of our competitors.  When we show up at the various seats of government, whether it’s at State PUCs, ISOs or legislative bodies, we are there representing you, the customer, not these other businesses.  Our only interest is what’s in your best interest. Passion for our customer's interest is the driving force behind every decision we make, every product we develop and service we offer. We listen to our customers, we jointly define their unique needs and then we strive to meet those needs.  From our customer service personnel to our head trader…every employee has an impact on the level of service our customers receive each day.  We get that, and we built our business around this belief.

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