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Washington Gas Light Md

Washington Gas Light Company


Last Updated: August 3, 2021

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Moving to a new address?

About Washington Gas Light

Washington Gas Light Company, a subsidiary of the WGL family of companies, is the natural gas utility for 1.2 million customers in the District of Columbia and surrounding sections of Maryland and Virginia. In addition to DC, this includes the cities of Germantown and Silver Spring, MD, and Arlington and Alexandria, VA. 

The company was founded in 1848 to provide gas lighting to the White House and the House and Senate chambers.

Understanding deregulation in Washington, D.C.

In the past, there was only one utility company providing natural gas to Maryland residents. But, in 1999, the Maryland legislature deregulated the natural gas and electricity industries. This gave Maryland residents the opportunity to choose the companies they wanted supplying their natural gas and electricity. Now, residents of Maryland can either choose their natural gas supplier based on Washington Gas Light gas rates or on rates from other gas suppliers.

Beyond rates, you’ll want to consider other issues before you make the decision on what company you’ll be buying your natural gas from. To assist you with this decision, Choose Energy has a number of free online resources you can review, including:

What is Washington Gas Light’s price to compare?

One piece of information that will help you decide upon your gas supplier is their “price to compare.” If another company’s price to compare rate is lower, you could probably save money on your natural gas bill. However, this rate does not affect the transmission fees you’ll pay no matter who your supplier is.

Washington Gas Light’s price to compare is measured per therm, a measure of heat equal to 100,000 British thermal units (BTU). For usage of less than 3,000 therm, Washington Gas cost per therm is 49.87 cents for the first 300 therm and 29.45 cents for the next 6,700 therm. Simply enter your zip code above to compare Washington, DC, natural gas prices.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

There is one utility company that serves an entire area. This company maintains the gas lines, delivers the gas to your home and repairs any outages or leaks.

There can be many energy suppliers for the same area. These are the companies you can choose from to purchase your natural gas. However, if you don’t make a selection, you’ll pay Washington Gas Light gas supplier rates for your natural gas. 

Which suppliers are available in Washington Gas Light’s service area?

Constellation and Direct Energy are among the suppliers in Washington Gas Light’s service area.

Contact Washington Gas Light

You’ll want to contact Washington Gas Light for questions about your bill or to report any outages or gas leaks.

  • Washington Gas Light website
  • Outage phone number: 844-927-4427, option 1
  • Customer service phone number: 844-927-4427

Updated: 10/30/2020

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