How to Switch Energy Suppliers

The Choose Energy Team
By The Choose Energy Team April 7th, 2015
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Now that you know you have options, here’s how you can switch your electricity or natural gas plan.

First off, if you have your energy bill handy, grab it. We’ll show you how to put it to work in Step 3. We also have a handy guide on understanding your utility bill if you’re interested.

Step 1: Start with your zip code

To get started, enter your ZIP code on, this gives us an idea of where you live so we can find the best deals in your area. We may ask you to confirm your local utility during this process, that’s just so we can give you the most accurate information possible.

Step 2: Sort through your options

Step 2: Sort through your options
Once you’ve entered your zip code, we’ll present all of the plans available in your area. Keep in mind that we vet all of the plans we offer so you don’t have to worry about falling prey to teaser rates or hidden fees.

The plan options at the top of the page are our top four recommendations:

Best Plan: the plan with the lowest fixed rate.

Best Short Term: the cheapest rate for a shorter term plan.

Most Popular: the plan that many of your neighbors have chosen.

Best Green: the plan that offers as much green, or renewable energy resources in your area at the best price.

The choices don’t end there. You can also sort plans using filters including plan term and supplier

Step 3: Pick your plan

Once you’ve had a chance to look through your options, all that’s left is to pick a plan. We know it can be hard to believe, but you don’t need to make a bunch of calls and sit on hold waiting to talk to a human. Which is probably why you’re here to begin with. It’s quick and easy to make the switch to a new energy plan by following the prompts and inputting information from your energy bill.

Stay Tuned

Keep an eye out for an email letting you know that we are on the case. We’ll be working with your new supplier to make sure your plan request goes through without a hitch and we’ll even break up with your old supplier to let them know that you decided to move on.

Bonus Step: Tell the world!

Help your friends save on their energy bills by becoming a Choose Energy Ambassador! You can earn cash rewards for each friend you refer, so sign up today, tell the world, and give your friends a choice! Become a Choose Energy Ambassador.

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