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Nearly 200,000 homes and almost 200,000 businesses in Maine have taken advantage of energy choice by choosing who supplies their electricity. You can, too: Enter your ZIP above to see what's available.

How is Choose Energy different than the State of Maine Office of the Public Advocate?

State of Maine office of the Public Advocate is a great resource for Maine consumers to see a sample set of electricity plans available to them. The Choose Energy marketplace is different and has a different set of benefits.

  • Shop only the best plans: There could be hundreds of plans available to you, but how do you know if the rate displayed isn’t just a teaser price? We’ll never display discounted teaser rates and we give our customers the opportunity to rate their experiences with suppliers, so you can shop smart.
  • Find unique rates you can’t find anywhere else: Thanks to our strong relationships with suppliers, we can even negotiate special rates for our customers.
  • Find the option that fits your lifestyle: Whether it’s saving money, locking in a rate for up to three years, or going green, we make it easy to sort through your options. It’s fast and convenient to shop and even simpler to switch.
  • Compare and shop all in one place: With, you can compare plans, see actual rates in real time and make the switch all in one place. With State of Maine Office of the Public Advocate, you can compare plans, but then will be re-directed to a supplier's website or phone number to try to sign up.
  • Get the support you need: We’ll make sure the switch happens without a hitch. Then, we’ll break up with your old supplier and even let you know when your new plan is about to expire so you can renew or shop again.

What does energy choice mean in Maine?

If you look at your energy bill, you should see two main parts: delivery charges and supply charges. The electricity being delivered to your home through power lines is called the delivery and is taken care of by your local utility. While you don’t have control of who your utility is, you can choose who manages the energy you buy, or your supply, measured in cents per kilowatt-hour. By taking control of this part of your energy bill, you’ll often be able to lock in a lower rate than you would be paying if you were on your utility’s plan.

Enter your ZIP above to see what's available.

What is this Maine Public Utilities Commission?

The Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) was founded in 1913. They make sure the supply companies are following all the rules to operate in the state. Choose Energy is a licensed retail energy broker and aggregator in the state of Maine.

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