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Hudson Energy

Hudson Energy Rates, Plans, and Reviews

Written by Luke Daugherty


Edited by Jamie Cesanek


Last Updated: November 3, 2023

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About Hudson Energy

Hudson Energy is one of the largest commercial energy providers in the U.S. Headquartered in Houston, the company offers electricity, natural gas, and green energy solutions for businesses of all sizes. It’s part of the Just Energy family, which serves 1.8 million customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Although Choose Energy doesn’t feature plans from Just Energy, you can use our free marketplace to compare rates from other energy suppliers in your area. Enter your ZIP code now to get started.

Why choose Hudson Energy

Hudson Energy is known for its commercial energy options, which include various plan types for businesses in Texas and several other U.S. states. The company offers:

  • Fixed-rate, variable-rate, and hybrid pricing
  • JustGreen renewable energy and carbon offsets
  • Electricity and natural gas in some states

Everything you need to know about Hudson Energy

Hudson Energy is a popular commercial energy provider in the U.S., but you won’t find the company’s plans on the Choose Energy marketplace.

Types of rates offered by Hudson Energy

Hudson Energy electricity rates vary by plan type, but the company generally offers three types of commercial rates:

  • Fixed-rate plans: These plans lock your Hudson Energy rate for a specific period, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay for energy month to month.
  • Variable-rate plans: Your rate will change monthly based on fluctuations in the wholesale market. There’s no long-term contract — you can cancel your plan whenever you wish.
  • Hybrid plans: You can lock a portion of your rate long-term but leave the rest open to fluctuate monthly.

No-deposit options from Hudson Energy

Like most energy providers, Hudson may require a deposit when you sign up for a plan. It will depend on your business’s financial status, credit score, and more. If you’re looking for no-deposit or prepaid electricity plans, you can search for them on the Choose Energy marketplace by entering your ZIP code on this page.

Green energy with Hudson Energy

Thanks to abundant green energy from solar power and wind sources in the Lone Star State, every Texas energy plan features a portion of green energy in the mix. You can find the exact amount in the plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL). Hudson Energy goes beyond this by offering JustGreen, its option to upgrade your plan to feature only green energy.

Moving or transferring service with Hudson Energy

If your business is changing addresses, you may be able to transfer your service with Hudson Energy. Contact the company a few weeks in advance to submit a transfer request. If you’re unable to move your Hudson Energy plan to your new location, you can reach out to Choose Energy for a customized business energy quote. We’ll help your business switch providers and set up an energy plan tailored to your needs.

Cancellation fees

Most energy providers charge an early termination fee (ETF) when customers end their service before a fixed-rate contract expires. These fees usually don’t apply for variable-rate plans or when you move out of the provider’s service area. Since Hudson Energy offers customized business solutions, it doesn’t advertise its fees online. Before you terminate a plan, be sure to review your contract and any applicable fees.

Hudson Energy business electricity

Hudson Energy specializes in commercial energy plans, offering customized solutions for businesses of all sizes across the U.S. To learn more about cheap electricity solutions for your business, visit our commercial electricity page.

Hudson Energy plans

Hudson Energy plans are tailored to each business’s unique energy needs, whether you need fixed-rate, variable-rate, or hybrid pricing. To request a quote, submit a form on the company’s website. 

Hudson Energy service areas

With Hudson Energy services available across multiple states, the company works with a wide variety of electric and gas distributors to deliver power to its customers. In Texas, Hudson Energy offers electricity in the following service areas:

Hudson Energy electric rates in my area

In Texas, Hudson Energy rates will vary by location based on differing utility transmission charges. The rate you pay in one city may not be the same as what another business pays in a different town. To ensure you get the most accurate rates, always shop for electricity in your area. 

Hudson Energy reviews

Hudson Energy was founded in 2002 and supplies energy to businesses of all sizes. The company was acquired by Just Energy in 2010 and has continued to expand into new markets. Read Hudson Energy reviews and customer testimonials here.

To read reviews of other top Texas retail energy providers, explore the Choose Energy reviews guide.

Tips for best electricity plans

If you’re looking for cheap electricity in Texas, Choose Energy can help you find it. Whether you need a customized commercial energy quote or a new electricity plan for your home, you can explore your options on our free, independent marketplace.

A few things to remember

  • Review your plan. Your new plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) will have everything you need to know about your new Hudson Energy plan. The EFL contains information about your Hudson Energy rate, green energy content, and any applicable early termination fees.
  • Start your new service. After you’ve signed up for your new Hudson Energy services, the company will work with your local utility to transfer your power. You should be up and running in no time without any interruptions.
  • Review your bill closely. You’ll see charges from Hudson Energy and your utility company. Your utility is based on your location, and that’s the company you should contact if you experience a power outage. 

How shopping for electricity works

Navigating deregulated energy markets can be overwhelming, especially if you try to do it on your own. Choose Energy simplifies the process so you can easily compare rates and plans from numerous Texas electricity providers in one place. 

You can shop for business energy or residential energy rates with ease on our marketplace. To get started, simply enter your ZIP code or contact us for a customized commercial electricity quote. When you compare plans on Choose Energy, you can filter your results to find specific plan types, green energy options, and more. Select your plan and sign up in minutes.

Tips to lower your electricity bill

If you find that you’re overspending on energy costs each month, the simplest way to lower your bill is to decrease your energy consumption. You can choose more energy-efficient appliances, rely on your HVAC less frequently, or seal off drafty windows and doors. Even unplugging unused appliances can help you lower your bill. Finally, you can explore cheaper electricity rates to find a plan that better fits your energy needs.

Contact Hudson Energy

Frequently asked questions about Hudson Energy

What services does Hudson Energy offer?

Hudson Energy’s services include electric and natural gas plans for businesses in multiple states. The company also offers green energy options to upgrade your business to fully renewable power.

How long has Hudson Energy been in business?

Hudson Energy has been in business since 2002. The company became a subsidiary of Just Energy in 2010.

How do I contact Hudson Energy?

To contact Hudson Energy in the U.S., call 1-866-483-7664 or email

How do I sign up for Hudson Energy service?

To sign up for one of Hudson Energy’s plans, call 1-866-466-3870 or complete a request form on the company’s website. A representative will help you build a customized plan for your business.

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