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Reliant Energy provides electricity and other energy solutions to more than 1.5 million residential and commercial customers across Texas. Reliant is a leader in offering cleaner, smarter energy solutions. As a member of NRG Energy (NYSE:NRG), Reliant Energy has behind it one of the largest power producers in the United States. NRG makes Reliant stronger for its customers through its commitment to sustainability, renewable energy, innovation and community involvement.

Similarly, Reliant Energy is committed to its customers and passionate about delivering electricity, smart energy solutions and service and support to their customers everyday.

Reliant can serve your energy needs in a variety of ways. They offer a wide range of electricity plans and provide services to help customers manage electricity usage and cost. Additionally, they are leaders in giving customers smart energy solutions including account management tools, email reminders, remote thermostat tools, and time-based usage plans to help save money. Finally, Reliant is committed to the community and donates over 13,000 man-hours and over $2.5M annually to local charities and social agencies.

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Reliant Locations MapReliant Texas ElectricityReliant Locations MapReliant Texas Electricity

Consumer Reviews for Reliant

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Henrietta, VT

Reliant is a great company that has adequate service. I do not like that it is very difficult to talk to a live person (there is no office I can walk in anywhere around). Other than that, they have been a great provider for two years. And they have better plans once you have been with them for a while if you know to ask.