Choose Energy’s Energy Estimator can help you save

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Many people talk the talk about conserving energy, but they hardly ever follow up with action. “It’s too complicated,” they say, “because we’re not sure what’s using so much energy in our home.” Unlucky for them, that excuse is no longer valid, thanks to the Energy Estimator from Choose Energy.

What is the Energy Estimator?

Energy Estimator Screenshot

Use the energy estimator tool here:

The Energy Estimator from Choose Energy is an interactive tool designed to give you an idea of how the energy your appliances use for various tasks adds up. For example:

  • Coffee maker: A standard coffee maker is about 900 watts. If you use yours for 10 minutes (basically turning it on to make the coffee and then turning it off), you’ll use about 4.5 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month for coffee. If you leave it on for an hour to keep the coffee hot, that goes up to 27 kWh.
  • Television (larger than 40-inch screen): If you watch TV five hours a day, you’ll use about 65.5 kWh per month. If you set a timer for it to stay on another two hours while you fall asleep, your usage increases to 79.5 kWh.
  • Laundry (washer and dryer): If you do three loads of laundry per week, you’ll use 63 kWh hours per month. However, if you can combine the wash into two loads and the dryer into one, you can knock your usage down to about 39.9 kWh.

The Energy Estimator divides your power usage into four categories: kitchen, electronics, heating and cooling, and laundry. Wattage estimates are based on an average of products within the category.

How can I use the Energy Estimator?

Electricity Usage

Once you enter your ZIP code, calculating your savings is easy. Use our energy estimator tool to find your electricity consumption and input the number as seen above. 

In deregulated states – there are 16 in addition to the District of Columbia – there are two factors of your bill you can control:

  • Energy supply rate: This is the price you pay per kWh used of electricity. In deregulated states, you can choose a provider. That choice can be based on lower rates, contract terms (locking in a rate for longer – or shorter – periods, and/or such factors as a supplier’s commitment to renewable energy sources.
  • Energy usage: It stands to reason that the less energy you use, the less you’ll have to pay for.

The Energy Estimator won’t lower you bill by itself, but it will let you know where your electricity use is the highest. That gives you a target for places you might be able to cut back and make a real difference. When you combine that willingness to cut back with a willingness to search for better energy rates, you have an opportunity to realize some meaningful savings.