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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions of our current and potential EnergyOS platform partners.  If you have additional questions about becoming a partner with Choose Energy please email

Do I need to register to become an energy broker if I partner with Choose Energy?

No, you do not need a broker registration to sell energy using the Choose Energy platform. Choose Energy is a registered broker in the states in which we offer services, and our broker partners benefit from our broker registrations – this is a value we provide to you as a partner of Choose Energy! 

What is the compensation or commission structure?

Choose Energy offers industry competitive compensation for residential and small business leads.  To receive detailed information on our partner compensation please complete our Partner Inquiry Form and one of our representatives will be in touch with you to discuss the details. 

When do Choose Energy partners receive payment for their customers?

You will receive payment for residential and small business customers every two weeks, but not later than 21 days of submitting your enrollments through Choose Energy’s platform.

Who owns the customers that a partner signs up through Choose Energy?

Our partners own the customers that they enroll through our platform.  This means our partners also have ownership over their customers’ renewals as well.  Choose Energy provides our partners with detailed reporting on their customers’ information and status so that our partners have the ability to follow up with customers and re-enroll those customers at a later date as well. 

How long does it take to sign up a customer using the Choose Energy platform?

It takes just minutes to sign up a residential or small business customer on the Choose Energy platform.  In six steps your customers will browse and compare energy plans, select the best plan for them, sign all necessary documentation and supplier authorizations, and obtain an enrollment confirmation.  For commercial customers, you will be able to submit a pricing request through our platform in minutes.  Our commercial team will then work to get the best rate for your customer, which could be a few days or up to a few weeks.  Our commercial team will be in touch with you and your customer throughout the process. 

One of our partnership team members will be happy to walk you through our online customer signup process for partners.  Complete our Partner Inquiry Form to be contacted by one of our partnership team members. 

How soon after signing up a customer can I count the sale as “closed”?

Choose Energy’s partners can count a residential or small business sale as closed as soon as they submit the customer’s information through our platform.  Since all necessary paperwork is completed during our online checkout process, there is no additional work needed by the partner once the customer has enrolled through our platform.

Commercial customers will take between one and several days to close.  Commercial customers have a longer closing process because our commercial team takes the necessary time to work with suppliers on behalf of your customer to obtain the best rate that meets your customer’s needs. 

What paperwork is required for me to submit a customer enrollment on behalf of the customer?

There is no paperwork for your residential or small business customers.  All necessary customer authorizations are completed through our online checkout process.

For commercial customers, in addition to filling out our online submission, you will need to submit one recent bill from the customer.  If you need to submit a copy of more than one bill, which is required by some states, we will let you know.  Commercial customers must also sign their new supplier contract, which Choose Energy will send to your customer once we have agreed upon and finalized the customer’s new plan.

Will I need a copy of my customer’s energy bill?

For residential and small business customers our partners will not need to submit a copy of the customer’s bill.

For commercial customers you will need to submit one recent bill for the customer.  If you need to submit more than one recent bill, which is required by some states, we will let you know.

What does my customer need to do after they have signed up using Choose Energy?

Residential and small business customers do not need to sign additional contracts or forms once they have completed the authorizations on the Choose Energy checkout process.  Once your customer has enrolled in a new plan through Choose Energy, the customer will receive a confirmation email from Choose Energy and your customer will be contacted by their new supplier within a few days to complete any necessary steps. 

For commercial customers, once we have agreed upon an energy plan for the customer, Choose Energy will send those customers their new supplier contract to obtain their signature.  During our process of negotiating a new energy plan for your commercial customer, we may also need to contact your customer to obtain additional information about their energy usage.

For all customers, after they have signed up using Choose Energy, if any further information is required the customer’s new supplier will contact them directly.

Are there clawbacks for customers that are later rejected by suppliers?

We only use a clawback if your customer rejection rate rises above a certain threshold, since we do understand that in this industry customers are rejected by suppliers from time to time.  However, we find that most our partners do not have to worry about reaching our threshold rejection rate. 

How do I become a partner with Choose Energy?

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Choose Energy, please complete our partner inquiry form on our Broker Partners Page.  One of our team members will then be in touch with you about our partnership opportunities.