Louisiana energy supply rates again lowest in the U.S.

Choose EnergyEnergy NewsConsumer ChoiceLouisiana energy supply rates again lowest in the U.S.

Louisiana residents again got the opportunity to take advantage of the lowest energy-supply rates in the U.S. The average price of electricity per kilowatt hours (kWh) in that state came in at 9.82 cents, according to the latest ChooseEnergy.com Electricity Rates by State page.

The evaluation is based on August 2017 averages as compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Agency. The energy supply rate for Louisiana is only 74% of the national average of 13.29 cents/kWh.

What other states feature the lowest electricity supply rates?

Rank State Cents per kilowatt hour
1 Louisiana 9.82
2 Washington 9.85
3 Tennessee 10.58
4 Oklahoma 10.59
5 Arkansas 10.61
6 Kentucky 10.61
7 Idaho 10.63
8 Oregon 10.93
9 Mississippi 10.98
10 Texas 11.11

Following are the states with the highest energy supply rates in August:

Rank State Cents per kilowatt hour
1 Hawaii 28.76
2 Alaska 21.8
3 Connecticut 20.55
4 Massachusetts 19.94
5 New Hampshire 19.2
6 California 19.02
7 New York 18.59
8 Rhode Island 17.79
9 Vermont 17.72
10 Maine 15.96

The biggest month-over-month changes

The largest decreases in the electricity supply rate from July to August came in the following states:

Rank State Decrease
1 Utah 2.4%
2 (tie) Tennessee 2.3%
Missouri 2.3%
4 Alaska 2.2%
5 (tie) Louisiana 1.7%
Hawaii 1.7%
7 New Mexico 1.4%
8 New York 1.2%
9 (tie) Montana 1.1%
Mississippi 1.1%

What states had the largest electricity supply rate increases?

Rank State Increase
1 Delaware 7.4%
2 North Dakota 4.4%
3 Illinois 4.3%
4 Rhode Island 3.5%
5 Oklahoma 2.9%
6 Maryland 2.5%
7 Wisconsin 2.3%
8 Alabama 2.0%
9 (tie) South Carolina 1.6%
Connecticut 1.6%

What can you do if you live in one of the states with higher rates?

Depending on where you live, you have two options:

Find a lower rate

If you live in one of the states with deregulated electricity or in the District of Columbia, you may be able to choose your energy supplier. Those states:

California (very limited) Massachusetts Oregon
Connecticut Michigan Pennsylvania
Delaware New Hampshire Rhode Island
Illinois New Jersey Texas
Maine New York Virginia
Maryland Ohio

What is deregulation and how does it work? In regulated states, customers must buy electricity from a utility at a price regulated by a public utilities commission. Energy deregulation basically separates energy companies into suppliers and transmitter/distributors (although some of these also provide electricity supply). Consumers in deregulated states can shop for energy supply plans with lower rates or factors they like.

If you live in a deregulated state, enter your ZIP code in the form above to see what’s available.

Use less electricity

The simplest solution, yes, but a viable one. Adjust your thermostat (or use a programmable one) so that you’re not heating or cooling an empty house. Unplug certain appliances or devices so that they’re not munching on electricity even when turned off.

There are a number of ways to cut your energy consumption, particularly when you use the ChooseEnergy.com Energy Estimator to see where you’re using the most electricity.

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