10 last-minute energy Halloween costumes to help you stand out this year

The Choose Energy Team
By The Choose Energy Team October 27th, 2015
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We’re always up for being a little goofy and Halloween is no exception.

Whether you just got the invitation to the office Halloween party, or your child has decided she can’t wear the same costume to both her school party and neighborhood trick-or-treating, we may have some fun, easy-to-make, last-minute costume ideas. A trip to the craft store and a hour of elbow grease may be all you need to solve the annual question: What should I be for Halloween?

A famous person in energy

Some of our most important modern conveniences were invented by a bunch of nerds interested in how energy works. Pay tribute to Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton by dressing up like these geniuses for Beggar’s Night.

Light bulbs and switches

All this talk of inventors got you feeling bright? A light bulb costume can be as simple (some mosquito net and duct tape) or elaborate as you like. Some creative craft junkies even incorporated battery-operated light into their costumes. If only these kids got as excited about turning off the lights when they leave the room!

Thunder and lightning

Deviating from the strictly electric ideas, you could always just use materials you already own. That old umbrella and a ratty t-shirt make a perfect “I’ve just been struck by lightning” costume. Carefully add a few burn holes and you’re ready to heat out.

Bonus: Unique ideas no one has ever done

Here are a few ideas we know are unique. Why? Because we can’t find photos of these costumes previously done:

  • Electrons
  • LED light bulb
  • Nest smart thermostat
  • Breaker box
  • Electric vehicle
  • Wind turbine

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