Maryland Energy Deregulation

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Maryland Energy Choice: An Overview

With Maryland energy deregulation, you’ll find a large number of electric and gas suppliers competing to win your business. Make sure you choose a supplier which will be able to provide the best electricity rates and natural gas prices.

For a rough idea of how much energy (money) can be saved by switching to a more conscious energy provider, think of it this way. If a difference of approximately ten to twenty percent exists between the highest and lowest cost provider, homeowners in Maryland can save hundreds of dollars each year. Maryland businesses may save many thousands of dollars each year by avoiding overpaying on utility costs.

Green Energy

Remember that an alternative and more competitive electric or gas energy provider might be able to offer more green and environment-friendly options. This can help improve consumer appeal and demand for Maryland businesses as well as provide personal satisfaction for homeowners.

Let’s demonstrate how it is that energy operates:

If four sample energy sources are input to a power grid which are each of oil, coal, nuclear, and wind power, all four different energy sources merge together within the power grid. You, as a business or home owner, will have to decide which type of energy as well as how much of it you want to have sent into your business or home. As a result, less oil and coal (environmentally harmful) are burnt, if the provider you choose uses green products more. This leads to less ‘carbon footprint’ being left around the environment.

And in that manner, a customer that chooses the standard electric company may be going only five per cent green whereas a customer opting for a slightly more expensive, yet also more green, energy provider, is being fifty or even hundred per cent green. Electricity generation has potential for harming or benefiting the environment. Make the right decision when choosing your Maryland energy provider. Make a difference.

How Does Switching Energy Providers Work?

If you take a look at the Pepco or BG&E bill you’ve got right now, it’ll be showing a total separated into different charges. A portion of the bill is for its delivery and another portion for its generation/supply. Prior to making the switch, PEPCO, etc are handling both sides of this. However, when switching, you get to choose a different company to supply your energy at a lower cost. The majority of electric and gas suppliers are more than happy to offer natural gas and electricity rate savings  ten to thirty percent on the monthly bill. Wouldn’t it be great to have that hundred dollar bill drop to seventy or eighty dollars?

What Happens Post the Big Switch?

Basically, after you switch, your original utility company will continue to handle all your service matters, billing, and other relevant things. However, you will find the new supplier’s name appearing on the bill. Since local providers of utility will no longer benefit for your ‘supply’ part of energy, they will strongly encourage their customers to compare prices from a number of retail providers of energy and shop around for the best deal. Several companies, you will find, have even dedicated an ample part of their company websites to this issue in a significant effort to aid in educating customers.