Washington D.C. Energy Deregulation

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Washington D.C. Electricity Rates and Suppliers

Electricity deregulation lets you see an apples-to-apples comparison of energy options in the nation’s capital city. By comparing different plans from several suppliers, Choose Energy provides the information needed to help you make an informed decision about your energy choice.
We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions to simplify and clarify energy deregulation.

DC Energy Choice: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have switched to a new electric service provider. Will I see any change in the reliability or quality of my electricity?

 No. Your local wires company, the utility, will continue delivering electricity to your home or business, regardless of the supplier you choose. Pepco will continue to maintain the poles and wires and deliver your electricity. Additionally, you should call Pepco if there’s an outage, down wire, or any other concern. You can reach Pepco at 855-833-7500.Q. What has deregulation changed?
A.  A ton. Simply, deregulation has enabled suppliers to compete on offering better rates for consumers.  Before to 1999, all D.C. residents received electricity from the local utility company, Pepco. Following deregulation, consumers in deregulated services areas are allowed to select a new energy service providers. These service providers compete to offer homes and businesses the best possible electricity rates. As a result, DC residents have more (and better) offers and incentives to choose from. These plans come in two types: fixed rates or variable rates. Beyond these two types, there’s more options: short-term term or long-term and some feature renewable power. Just like selecting an airline ticket, competition means more choices and better deals on energy plans.Q. Can every resident choose their energy plan?
A. All residents who receive electricity from Pepco are eligible to switch, those receiving service from other utilities may not have the option to switch.Q. California has faced challenges with deregulation. Is Washington, D.C. at risk as well?
A. California’s deregulation was very different than the situation in D.C.. First, California lacked the power reserves like those that are currently in Washington. Secondly,  DC consumer protection laws are strong and protect consumers from the types of issues that plagued California, meaning that Washington, D.C. is in a much better position to continue growing in energy deregulation.Q. Will my lights go off when I switch?
A. No. The utility, Pepco, delivers electricity independently of electricity billing, so electricity will continue to flow to your home or business regardless of the supplier you choose.Q. I’ve heard a lot about green energy. What is it, and how does it relate deregulation?
A. Green energy is energy generated through renewable sources, such as solar, wind, and geothermal. Because of deregulation, consumers may be able to choose green energy plans.Q. What’s the best way to select my new electricity provider?
A. Choose Energy offers information on the top service providers and our engine helps search for the perfect energy plan. We help you compare plans by different variables, such as: fixed rates, variable rates, and renewable energy plans. Choose Energy helps to compare, switch & save.