Low temperatures and high electric bills coming to Eversource this winter

Choose EnergyEnergy NewsLow temperatures and high electric bills coming to Eversource this winter

More and more, winter in Massachusetts doesn’t just mean cold temperatures and piles of snow — it also means high electric bills. Following National Grid’s announcement that it was raising rates by 40% on November 1, Eversource Energy, formerly Western Massachusetts Electric Co., has also announced that it will also be raising electricity rates this winter.

Eversource rates are increasing from 9.767 cents per kilowatt hour today to 10.394 cents per kilowatt hour starting on January 1: a 6% increase. For an average household that uses 500 kilowatt hours of electricity per month, this means that electricity bills will be roughly $102 per month starting on January 1.

If you’re tired of this less-than-festive new winter reality, you may want to consider shopping for a long-term energy plan. You can opt for a plan with a competitive energy supplier that’s as long as 36 months and will last you through the next three winters.

This might just feel like deja vu for people in Western Massachusetts. Last winter, WMECo (the utility’s name at the time) increased its rates a whopping 29% and residents saw their monthly bills go as high as $116, on average. National Grid also raised electric rates 37% last winter, adding $33 to the typical home’s bills. These recurring winter rate increases show little sign of going away, due to the natural gas pipeline issue we’ve talked about here before.

The good news for households and businesses in Eversource territory is that rates aren’t going up nearly as much as they did last winter. However, even a small increase hits snowy New England hard, because energy usage always goes up in the winter as people crank the heat and spend more time indoors.

Long-term energy plans not only bring savings, but also peace of mind, so you can spend this time of year celebrating the holidays and enjoying the first snow — not worrying about your energy bills.

Note: We expect Eversource in Eastern Massachusetts (formerly NSTAR), to announce its higher winter rates any day now. Check back here for updates.

Image Source: Doug Kerr from Albany, NY