Is your electric bill sky high? Learn how to lower your monthly electric bill in just a few minutes online.

Choose EnergyEnergy 101How It WorksIs your electric bill sky high? Learn how to lower your monthly electric bill in just a few minutes online.

Did you know?

You don’t have to use the default electricity supplier that your utility company uses to power your home? You can compare rates from dozens of suppliers and reduce your monthly electricity bill or switch to a renewable energy source without having to install solar panels.

Since energy deregulation began you could use the state run public utility commission websites to compare rates. Those sites can be complicated and overwhelming. You may have already had someone knock on your door and offer you a new plan, but there is no easy way to know if they can be trusted or who they are representing. Homeowners that use Choose Energy to compare & switch electricity plans have saved up to 34% on their monthly bills from fully vetted and trusted energy suppliers.

How do I compare rates?

Start by entering your zip code to see if your home or business is in a deregulated energy zone. Then enter your current usage and see how much you can save.

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Choose Energy is the only online energy marketplace that’s dedicated to guiding customers through the energy choice process and keeping customers well informed of their ongoing energy options for free. Over 100,000 homeowners and nearly a billion kwh have already switched with Choose Energy.

Who will I pay my bills to if I switch?

It depends on where you live. Even if you change suppliers, your local utility is still responsible for delivering the energy. So, you may receive a single bill from your utility that includes the cost of both delivery and supply. Or you may receive one bill from the utility for delivery and another from the supplier for the actual energy used.

When can I change plans?

If you’ve never changed energy plans before, you can switch anytime.

If you currently have a contract with a supplier, then you may need to wait until your contract expires before switching. Most, but not all, plans charge customers an Early Termination Fee for canceling the contract. Contact your provider or check your account details online to see your plan’s policies.

Month-to-month or variable rate plans do not have Early Termination Fees, so customers on those plans can switch at any time.

When you change providers, you can indicate when you want the switch to take place.  Usually, if you schedule the switch within two weeks of the contract’s expiration, you won’t be charged an early termination fee.

What should I look for in an energy plan?

Electricity and natural gas work the same no matter where they come from. So, when shopping for plans, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • The reputation of the supplier
  • The length of the contract, which can range from three to 24 months in length
  • The price of the energy
  • The percentage of energy that comes from renewable resources such as wind or solar

How Do I See If I Qualify?

Step 1: Click the button below to instantly check your zip code for free.

Step 2: Grab your current electric bill and you will have the opportunity to compare the best rates & plans in your area.

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What happens when the plan I sign up for ends?

You should receive a notice in the mail from your supplier at least 30 days before your contract expires, alerting you that it’s time to renew your contract or shop for a new one.

If you do nothing, you will likely be moved to a plan your provider picks for you, which may not the best available deal.

Will I have to get a new meter or buy any new equipment?

No. The energy will run through the same lines that already go to your home or business—the only thing that changes is where the energy comes from.

Will I have to pay a deposit or get a credit check?

Some plans offered through Choose Energy do require credit checks. Depending on your credit score, a deposit may also be required to begin service.

Are there any “hidden fees” when signing up with a new supplier?

Some plans offer low rates, but include “hidden fees” that can end up costing you significantly more than other energy plans. Choose Energy makes it easy to avoid added costs by clearly listing all the fees associated with each plan.

To find out if your current service has hidden fees, you should look in the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) and Terms and Conditions (T&C) documents that came with your plan.

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