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Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 7.79¢
Constellation Energy 36 month fixed 7.69¢
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 7.99¢
Public Power 12 month fixed 7.67¢
Public Power 24 month fixed 7.56¢

Mount Vernon energy rates

Mount Vernon, New York, was named after George Washington's plantation where he lived out his golden years. Mount Vernon has around 67,000 residents, but with the New York City population of over 8.4 million just around the corner, power is in high demand. Mount Vernon energy prices vary, with electricity rates higher in the summer and natural gas higher in the winter months. Mount Vernon energy rates run from 8.29 cents per kWh to 12.54 cents per kWh for electricity for residential customers, and natural gas rates vary from 46.90 cents per therm to 79.9 cents per therm.

Mount Vernon Energy Deregulation

In 1996, the State of New York issued plans for restructuring its utility industry; this plan required all utility companies to offer retail choices to their customers within five years. In New York, deregulation pertained to both natural gas and electricity, meaning that savvy business and residential consumers can save significantly by shopping around for the best prices. Mount Vernon energy deregulation means that even though the main utility company, Con Edison, will continue to deliver power and maintain wires, poles and natural gas pipelines, consumers are free to purchase their power and natural gas from whichever company they prefer.

Mount Vernon utility companies & energy providers

Mount Vernon's utility company is Consolidated Edison, which services a 1,350-square-mile area of New York and parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Consumers are free to choose from a wide range of Mount Vernon energy providers, and researching the difference in prices can save a significant amount in annual energy costs. Choose Energy partners with Frontier Energy, Direct Energy, and North American Power, among others, to provide consumers with the best choices. Greater choices create more competition and better prices overall for consumers; finding the best rates means customers must shop and review the varied prices before making a decision.

Mount Vernon renewable energy

The state of New York has been on the cutting edge of alternative energy for many years, embracing wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydropower generation. The state currently ranks 4th in the generation of renewable energy, and 11 percent of the energy used in the state is provided by sustainable sources. This is no small feat considering the size of the population being serviced. New York clearly has a large demand for power, and luckily, Mount Vernon renewable energy is readily available. What's more, it is forecast that New York will be generating 40 percent of all its energy needs by the year 2030, which is great news for New York residents, as it will decrease pollution and increase well-paying jobs within the state. Residents of the empire state can take advantage of green energy today by purchasing their energy from Oasis Energy.

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