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Utica, NY: Time to choose energy

Thanks to the New York deregulated energy system, Utica, N.Y., residents and business owners have had the opportunity to save on their monthly energy bills since 1996. Nearly 2 million New Yorkers have made the switch to deregulated energy; to find a plan that’s right for you, enter your ZIP code above!

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The Utica deregulated energy system helps energy customers across the city save money. New York legislators deregulated areas of New York so that retail energy suppliers from across the country could offer Utica residents and business owners competitive rates and a range of plan options. By opening the market to retail suppliers, New York legislators gave the power to choose to Utica energy customers. To find and compare deregulated rates in your area, simply enter your ZIP code above.

How does switching work?

Choose Energy makes switching to a deregulated energy plan simple! Once you’ve chosen a new plan from the Choose Energy marketplace, let your supplier do the rest! Your deregulated supplier will communicate directly with your local Utica utility company to ensure that the transition doesn’t interrupt any power service to your home or business. Enter your ZIP code above to find a deregulated energy plan today!

Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 5.79¢
Constellation Energy 36 month fixed 5.68¢
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 6.19¢
Public Power 12 month fixed 5.16¢
Public Power 24 month fixed 5.23¢

We have 6 more plans available in 13501.

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Who provides my power?

Retail Supplier

Local Utility Service

Provides electricity or natural gas to the local Utica utilities

Delivers natural gas or electricity to Utica energy customers


Whether you choose a deregulated energy plan or not, your Utica utility company will continue to deliver and maintain your home or business’s power. If you decide against a deregulated energy plan, your utility will keep your power going and charge a default rate. Keep in mind, the default rate is subject to fluctuate with national energy prices and could cost you more than a locked-in deregulated rate. To find out how much you could save with a deregulated energy plan, enter your ZIP code above.

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