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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 5.29¢
Constellation Energy 24 month fixed 5.39¢
Direct Energy 12 month fixed 5.99¢
Constellation Energy 6 month fixed 5.49¢
Direct Energy 18 month fixed 5.79¢

Energy rates in bloomington

Bloomington, IL energy rates vary based upon the supplier the resident chooses. With close to 23,000 residents, the need for energy offered from various sources is high. Bloomington IL averages it's lower temperature of 14 degrees Fahrenheit in November, and 87 in July. During these months energy use goes up for residents in order to create a comfortable indoor living environment. While the climate in Bloomington IL is within normal range, in July 1985 a record high of 105 degrees was recorded. In addition, a temperature of -27 degrees was recorded ten years prior in January of 1985. Check out Bloomington energy plans to see what's available in your area.

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Bloomington energy deregulation

In 2004, a referendum began in the local area, and the main utility supplier, Ameren, lost several customers due to the ability to obtain lower rates from the suppliers. The referendum allowed different suppliers to target particular areas with their lower energy rates. The suppliers divided customers into “blocks,” and each block could choose between the main utility company or the energy rates offered through the outside parties.

Energy deregulation in Bloomington, IL makes it possible for residents to choose their energy provider. While customers were forced to choose between specific providers during the referendums, restrictions are no longer in place. While Ameren continues to supply and transmit energy to all residents in Bloomington, the suppliers purchase their energy from Ameren in bulk, enabling them to choose a rate that is appealing to residents.

Bloomington Utility Companies & Energy Providers

It is important that Bloomington residents understand what it means to choose between their local utility company and a separate energy provider. Ameren is the main utility company in Bloomington, IL, and they will supply the energy to residents regardless of which company provides their service. Ameren also provides specific services that suppliers cannot, such as repairing problems with lines or responding to emergency situations. First Energy and AEP Energy are energy suppliers in Bloomington, IL. They still get their energy from the utility company, but they purchase it directly from the company for customers, and then have the utility company supply it to their customers. By offering residents with choices outside of the standard utility company, the competition is higher, and lower rates are created to attract more customers.

Due to the high number of customers that Ameren lost, they created a plan to get their customers back, which is known as the Energy Advancement plan. Energy Advancement was created in 2012, and this new energy plan guaranteed customers a lower rate than all of the local suppliers and a guarantee that the customers' energy rates would stay within a specific range. Residents who took advantage of this new energy plan were able to keep their rates within 10.3% and 5.25% -- some of the lowest rates available in the country. While Ameren still offers these fixed rates to customers, some suppliers, such as Clearview Energy, which offers renewable energy, are able to beat or match these rates.

Bloomington renewable energy

Renewable energy in Bloomington IL is growing in popularity due to the lower rates that are offered from green energy providers. The available providers grew quickly after the deregulation, which offered additional choices to customers looking to steer away from standard energy sources. Clearview Energy, the most commonly used green supplier in Bloomington, offers complete home renovation for residents looking to change over to homes that use renewable energy completely. The two sources used to provide energy to residents who choose to use green energy are wind farms and solar panels. As of now, 0.8 percent of Illinois residents have switched over to green energy completely, and 82.8 percent use it traditionally. While a greater percentage still uses standard energy sources, such as gas and coal, the number of residents who go green is expected to grow over the coming years. As of 2014, Bloomington is supplying over 100 communities with completely renewable energy.

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