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Springfield energy rates

Home to President Abraham Lincoln, the seat of Sangamon County, and the capital of Illinois, Springfield that boasts a population of over 116,000, with over 210,000 in its larger metro area. Clearly, reliable, reasonably-priced energy is an absolute necessity for this community.

There’s a wide range of energy prices in Springfield to choose from. Rates vary according to supplier and the time of year. Consumers can get the lowest price during early winter, but will pay the most from the beginning to the middle of spring. Springfield electricity rates span anywhere from 6.75 cents per kilowatt-hour to 9.99 cents per kilowatt hour.

Springfield energy deregulation

Illinois began deregulating its energy market in 1997, which saved residents over $37 billion over the first 16 years. Although Springfield has the same utility provider it had before, consumers now choose their own suppliers. With a variety of suppliers trying to attract customers, Springfield residents have been able to enjoy annual savings worth thousands of dollars.

Springfield utility companies & energy providers

The responsibility of utility companies in Springfield changed when the energy market was deregulated. Prior to the deregulation process, there was a single utility company that handled everything from transmitting and distributing to selling and billing of energy. Today, the same utility company does the transmitting and distributing, but now there are different energy providers taking care of sales.

Commonwealth Edison provides electric services to Springfield residents and is the state's largest utility. Customers have more options when it comes to their providers. Choose Energy has partnered with Springfield energy suppliers like Champion Energy Services, Spark Energy, and Direct Energy. The presence of multiple providers fosters competition and drives prices lower. Finding the ideal energy provider is now a simple matter of comparing available plans.

Springfield renewable energy

Springfield is making significant progress in the green energy sector. Groups like Sustainable Springfield have been very active in promoting sustainability, from advocating greater renewable energy use to reducing waste. Choose Energy has given residents the option of using green energy in Springfield by partnering with AEP Energy.

Renewable electricity accounts for 4.8% of Illinois’ total energy capacity. The most common renewable energy source is wind power. While it’s clear that green energy is still catching on, Illinois is in an excellent position industry-wise with green energy jobs expected to grow by 9%.

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Springfield energy suppliers

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