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Hudson Energy is one of the largest suppliers of Electricity, Natural Gas and green energy solutions in North America.

About Hudson Energy

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Hudson Energy and its affiliates help over 1.8 customers every year with their energy management needs, providing a variety of fixed and variable rate plans as well as energy management tools such as Smart Thermostats and Energy Audits.
Hudson’s goal is to minimize your risk exposure to volatile energy markets and to help you manage your energy costs through their exceptional corporate buying power, extensive energy market expertise, and years of technical experience in serving Electricity and Natural Gas customers.
In North America, Hudson Energy offers electricity supply to small, medium and large businesses in Texas, California, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts. Hudson Energy also offers Natural Gas supply to businesses in California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey.

Popular products offered by Hudson Energy:

Fixed-Rate Plans
With Hudson Energy’s Fixed Rate plans, your electricity and/or gas supply rates are fixed throughout the term of your contract. You can enjoy a fixed rate for up to 60 months --that means more predictability on your utility bill. If the market conditions change during the course of your contract, Hudson Energy will proactively contact you and provide you options to blend down your rate and extend the benefits of your contract. Let’s find out what best fits your business needs.
Green Energy Plans
Hudson Energy offers a suite of green energy products, such as Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Offsets, to name a few. Hudson Energy’s green energy products enable you to offset your carbon emissions and support clean, renewable energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

Variable-Rate Plans
With Hudson Energy‘s Variable Rate Plans, your rate is determined by the local market rate and varies from month to month. You can enjoy lower rates when wholesale market prices are down, and have the flexibility to lock in your supply rate anytime if market prices start to increase.
Other Services
Hudson Energy aspires to be a full-service energy company, not only supplying Electricity and Natural Gas but also offering products to help consumers take control of their energy and heating bills. Some of these products include: Smart Thermostats, Energy Audits, Energy Management Consulting, and Just Energy Solar.

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