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Duncanville is a city of about 40,000 people that’s located approximately 10 miles southwest of Dallas, as part of the “Best Southwest” partnership of cities. Families choose to make their home in Duncanville for its affordable cost of living and a variety of recreational facilities, as well its proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth.

Duncanville is part of the deregulated Texas energy market, meaning that residents and business owners have the power to choose their electricity provider. In Texas, this company is also referred to as a retail electric provider (REP).

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Duncanville energy deregulation

In 2002, energy was deregulated in many parts of Texas, including Duncanville. Since then, Duncanville homeowners, renters, and business owners have had the power to choose the company from which they purchase electricity.

The introduction of deregulated energy has benefitted the many Texans who are able to take advantage of it. Competition increased among electricity providers, which has led to lower electricity prices across the Lone Star State.

On average, Texas residential electricity rates are 10 percent lower than in other states. Similarly, Texas commercial electricity rates come in at 23 percent lower than the national average.

With the Choose Energy marketplace, you can browse and compare electric rates in Duncanville in order to find the right plan and provider for your needs. If you have the power of energy choice, it’s a smart idea to take advantage of it. 

When you take charge of your electricity rates, you’ll be able to find lower rates and plans that are best suited for your energy usage habits. Understanding and choosing your own rate means that you’re less likely to face sticker shock when you get your utility bill.

As you search the Choose Energy marketplace, you can filter your results by provider, contract length, rate type, provider rating, and more. If you have less-than-perfect credit, you may want to see if you qualify for a prepaid or no-deposit electricity plan, both of which you can find through Choose Energy.

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Duncanville utility companies & energy providers

Before energy deregulation began in Texas, Duncanville electricity customers were required to purchase energy directly from their utility company. These days, utility companies no longer sell electricity to consumers, but they are responsible for delivering power and responding to power outages within their service area. 

Unlike your electricity provider, you cannot choose your utility company; instead, it’s determined based on where you live. In Duncanville, your utility company is Oncor Electric Delivery.

When it comes to Duncanville electricity providers, there are a number of companies to choose from. Some of the most well-known providers include 4Change Energy, Pulse Power, and TXU Energy. 

With so many providers, you might be wondering: what is the best electric company near me? With Choose Energy, you can research Duncanville electricity providers and plans in just a few simple steps.  

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Duncanville renewable energy

Energy customers around the country are becoming more environmentally conscious. As a result, electricity providers are starting to offer more renewable energy plans to help people reduce their carbon footprint.

The state of Texas has also adapted to customers’ demand for renewable energy sources. The Lone Star State produces the most electricity from wind and the fifth-most electricity from solar energy in the US.

In Duncanville, energy consumers can choose from several green energy suppliers, including Gexa Energy, Green Mountain Energy, and Iberdrola Energy. But it’s important to mention that in most cases, these providers won’t actually power your house with energy that’s sourced directly from wind or solar — unless you have a green energy feed located on your property. 

Instead, they will purchase green energy credits on your behalf, in order to offset however much energy you use from them. These credits are generally in the form of carbon offsets or renewable energy credits (RECs).

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Duncanville energy for business

Although we’ve focused mainly on residential energy plans, business owners in Duncanville are also free to choose their own electricity provider and lock in cheap electricity Duncanville. With Choose Energy, you can find the best Duncanville electricity rates for your company’s locations or stores and start to cut down on business-related expenses.

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Updated: 10/22/2020