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Grand Prairie energy rates

Looking for Grand Prairie electricity rates to help with your budget? Since this Texas city has been deregulated, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting the best deals on Grand Prairie electricity rates. Deregulation simply means that residents are free to choose their own Grand Prairie electricity providers and companies can offer competitive rates to attract customers.  

To help you navigate this landscape, you can compare electric rates in Grand Prairie through the Choose Energy marketplace. You simply need to enter your ZIP code.

Grand Prairie energy deregulation

Texas deregulated the energy market in most of the state effective January 2002. Before then, electricity rates in Grand Prairie and the rest of the state were set by utility companies, and there was no choice. Rates had to be approved at the state level, but consumers had no other protection.

Deregulation separated utilities from the supply end of the business. Now they’re responsible for transmission of electricity from the provider to the consumer and for maintaining the infrastructure needed to do that.

As for consumers, they now have the power to choose a provider based on rates, term lengths, renewable energy content and other factors. 

Here’s where things stand in Texas electricity:

  • Texas residential electricity rates are 10 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas commercial electricity rates are nearly 23 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas industrial electricity rates are nearly 16 percent lower than the national average.

The Choose Energy marketplace shows what’s available and provides resources to help make a selection, including how to move your electricity service and how to switch to a different provider. Another helpful resource is information about no-deposit electricity plans in Grand Prairie and elsewhere.

Enter your ZIP code to see if you can capitalize on great electricity rates in Grand Prairie.

Grand Prairie utility companies & energy providers

Since deregulation, the roles of utilities and providers have been split. It used to be that the utility handled everything from transmission to distribution to sales. Now, the utility service handles transmission and distribution.  Providers buy or generate electricity.

The major utility for Grand Prairie is Oncor. You would contact it to report an outage or infrastructure damage. You can check its outage map: here you can report an outage or get status updates. You can also call Oncor at 1-888-313-4747. 

Some major providers for the city include:

The process of using Choose Energy couldn’t be simpler. No need to search “best electric company near me” to find cheap electricity in Grand Prairie. You enter your ZIP code to shop rates.  

From there, you can even select your plan and sign up. Enjoy your new plan and the provider will handle the setup.

Grand Prairie renewable energy

Texas is a national leader in green energy. Texas ranks first in the U.S. in wind energy generation and is in the top five for solar generation.  

Providers offer at least some renewable energy in each plan. If you’d like to learn more, that percentage can be found in the Electricity Facts Label for each plan. Other providers offer the option of going all green on the plan. 

You can find only green plans from the following providers: Iberdrola Texas, Gexa Energy, Chariot Energy, and Green Mountain Energy.


Grand Prairie business energy

Business energy is also deregulated in Texas, meaning commercial enterprises also have the power to choose their own providers and find the best Grand Prairie electricity rates. If you’d like to set up a business energy plan, fill out this form.

Updated: 9/30/2020