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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
TriEagle Energy 12 month fixed 9.20¢
TriEagle Energy 6 month fixed 8.60¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.00¢
TriEagle Energy 24 month fixed 9.10¢
TriEagle Energy 12 month fixed 9.50¢
Frontier Utilities 12 month fixed 9.80¢
TriEagle Energy 24 month fixed 9.40¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.40¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.40¢
4Change Energy 12 month fixed 7.30¢

Killeen energy rates

Killeen is situated in Bell County, Texas, with a population of about 128,000. This city's economy is largely reliant on the soldiers and their families stationed at nearby Fort Hood. Killeen energy rates are mainly the same as in the rest of Texas and are less expensive than the average cost of energy in the rest of the United States. Check out Killeen energy rates to see what prices and options are currently available for Killeen Utilities.

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Killeen energy deregulation

Texas is one of several states to legislate the deregulation of energy suppliers, passing legislation in 2002. Before energy deregulation in Killeen, certain energy providers were assigned by the state to each district. Killeen Utilities were provided by a specific company whose rates were non-competitive, but following deregulation, it is now possible to choose from one of five providers. You can find up to date Killeen electricity rates here.

Killeen utility companies & energy providers

Killeen energy prices can differ depending on the supplier a consumer chooses to purchases energy. Electricity in Killeen is generated by a few specific places. However, several different companies handle the distribution process. Killeen's energy suppliers include Direct EnergyTriEagle Energy, Reliant Energy and TXU Energy. Direct Energy allows consumers to choose fixed or variable energy rates, along with green energy provisions. TriEagle provides electric services to homes and commercial businesses, and Reliant offers special deals to new customers, including a free month of electricity.

Killeen renewable energy

The sources of renewable energy in Killeen are incredibly varied and widely available. People living and working in this city have access to power sourced from wind, sun, geothermal heat, biofuels and even hydropower. Local energy companies that specialize in these power sources include Amigo Energy and Green Mountain Energy.

For Killeen residents, access to these renewable energy resources depends on their location in the city and their current home or commercial building modifications.

Learn more about Killeen electricity rates and other providers in the Killeen area with Save On Energy.

Killeen energy facts

1,859 square feet

Average home size


Average monthly usage (kWh)


Average monthly electricity bill


Potential annual savings



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