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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
TriEagle Energy 12 month fixed 9.20¢
TriEagle Energy 6 month fixed 8.60¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.00¢
TriEagle Energy 24 month fixed 9.10¢
TriEagle Energy 12 month fixed 9.50¢
Frontier Utilities 12 month fixed 9.80¢
TriEagle Energy 24 month fixed 9.40¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.40¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.40¢
4Change Energy 12 month fixed 7.30¢

In Texas, you have the power to shop around for your energy thanks to deregulation. That means that Southlake residents and businesses have the ability to choose their electricity supplier. Check out energy rates in Southlake Customers sign up with alternative suppliers for many reasons, including lower rates, additional services, and more options for environmentally friendly sources of energy.

While all Texas consumers have their choice of electric suppliers, only large consumers (commercial, industrial customers) can choose their natural gas suppliers.

No matter which supplier you choose, your local utility will still be responsible for delivering energy to your home or business. This means that switching between providers doesn't involve any changes to your power lines or wires, and the reliability of your energy supply and quality of service will remain the same, regardless of who the energy provider is. The utility will continue to maintain the power lines that bring energy into your home, respond to power outages, read your meter, and send your bill.

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Southlake electricity rates

Electric rates in Southlake vary both seasonally and depending on the provider and service type. Electricity rates tend to be lowest in winter. To see what rates are available from Choose Energy’s suppliers, please visit Southlake electricity prices.

Southlake utility company

Oncor provides electricity service to the Southlake area as well as to over 7.5 million residences and businesses in the Houston area. No matter your supplier, your local utility company will remain responsible for delivering energy to your home or business.

Southlake electricity suppliers

As a result of energy choice, Southlake customers can compare the prices of many electric suppliers to find the plan that best fits their needs and budget. Choose Energy has partnered with some of the leading providers in the area including TXU Energy and Frontier Utilities to help connect customers with the best selection of plans possible.

Southlake renewable energy

Southlake consumers interested in reducing their carbon footprint with renewable energy have several options to choose from. Choose Energy has partnered with a number of suppliers, like 4Change Energy, that offer environmentally friendly, green-energy plans at competitive prices.

Southlake energy facts

3,702 square feet

Average home size

2,310 kWh

Average monthly usage


Average monthly electricity bill


Potential annual savings



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