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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
TriEagle Energy 6 month fixed 9.30¢
TriEagle Energy 12 month fixed 10.20¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 10.00¢
TriEagle Energy 24 month fixed 10.10¢
TriEagle Energy 12 month fixed 10.50¢

Sugar Land energy rates

Located near Houston, Sugar Land is a city within a bustling urban region. Home to 82,480 people, Sugar Land boasts several major industries and institutes of higher education. The amount of residents, the urban environment, and the presence of major businesses illustrate that Sugar Land has a definite demand for reliable, inexpensive energy. The climate, which is classified as humid subtropical, increases that demand.

As a resident, it's vital to learn how energy rates in Sugar Land change over time. Residents can obtain cheaper energy prices around the end of the year. In the early spring and late summer, though, energy rates are the most expensive.Check out Sugar Land energy rates to see what prices and options are currently available.

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Sugar Land energy deregulation

Energy deregulation for most of Texas, including Sugar Land, began in 2002. By passing deregulation legislation, the Texas senate ensured that the pricing and selling of energy to state residents wouldn't be controlled by one utility company. Instead, multiple energy suppliers now compete for the business of Texans, and this is where the consumer in Sugar Land gets a choice.

The idea was that energy deregulation in Sugar Land would create competition, and that competition would consequently cause suppliers to lower prices. Those living in deregulated parts of the Lone Star State have enjoyed lower rates since the changes were implemented. Those residing in Sugar Land can get a lower energy price by assessing the market, comparing prices and switching providers if another one offers a better plan. Learn about electricity plans available in Sugar Land.

Sugar Land utility companies & providers

As a consumer, understanding the way Sugar Land's deregulated market works is crucial. A single wires company in Sugar Land previously handled the three primary components -- sales, transmission and distribution -- of energy. Since deregulation, that wires company (utility service) does not handle sales. Now, numerous energy providers in Sugar Land sell electric to retail consumers.

CenterPoint Energy is the primary utility company in Sugar Land. The company has over 5 million customers and operates in six states. While residents have to get their electricity distributed by CenterPoint Energy, they aren't bound to one supplier and are offered the opportunity to choose where they buy their electricity. With so many different energy suppliers in Sugar Land, finding a quality one can be a laborious process. Choose Energy simplifies that process for Sugar Land residents by working with only the most trusted suppliers. TriEagle Energy and Bounce Energy are two preferred local providers currently working with Choose Energy.

Sugar Land renewable energy

Texas, which ranks first in installed wind capacity and wind energy jobs, has been among the top states in the renewable energy field. In terms of renewable electricity generation, the Lone Star State is fifth.

Sugar Land's residents also place importance on a green lifestyle. In November 2013, the city voted to fund two new parks. In early 2014, the state recognized Sugar Land's excellent recycling program with an Operations Excellence Award. Sugar Land also received an award in 2013 from the state for its excellent public water system. Those living in town can also utilize green energy at home. Choose Energy has partnerships with trusted Sugar Land renewable energy providers to enable consumers to go green. Green Mountain Energy has partnered with Choose Energy and provides clean electricity to residents. Amigo Energy is another preferred supplier of green energy in Sugar Land that works with Choose Energy.

Sugar Land energy facts

3,321 square feet

Average home size

1,548 kWh

Average monthly usage


Average monthly electricity bill


Potential annual savings



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